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SCSI Flash (CF) Network Drive

The CF (Compact Flash) based SCSIFLASH Network drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for SCSI hard drives, SCSI SSD drives, SCSI Magneto Optic, SCSI Floppy, SCSI PC Cards, SCSI PCMCIA cards and SCSI Zip drives whilst also offering network (ethernet-based) back-up and restore capability. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Custom capacities available for systems that require exact capacity value. Custom sector sizes available.

Note: The drive is programmable so can replace any SCSI drive. Some hosts systems will limit the capacity to the original drive /host specification

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ drive

SCSI Flash (CF) Network Drive
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